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Cupping for Athletes & Sport Performance

When it comes to cupping for sports, you can always depend on the experts at Health Avenue Cupping Clinic Hijama. We are based in Leyton, East London.

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Enhance your performance by recovering from sports injuries quickly

During the last 2016 Rio Olympic Games, athletes with cupping marks attracted a lot of attention. Cupping is indeed a common treatment used in sport. 


For athletes who aren’t hurt, the increased blood flow from cupping is thought to help after a tough workout. Contact Health Avenue Cupping Clinic Hijama in London today for more information on treatments, training, and the conditions we treat. We're also happy to discuss what are believed to be the best times for cupping to take place - the 17th, 19th or 21st day of the lunar month.

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What is all this cupping therapy hype about? Cupping used with athletes focuses on releasing restrictions between fascia and muscles.  It improves flexibility and range of motion, when placed properly on the athlete. The improvements in biomechanics can be quite impressive, it’s an essential part of sports recovery by helping to relieve stiffness and injury.

When you see athletes, like Phelps with cupping marks around his shoulders, it makes sense, because a swimmer needs optimal shoulder range of motion to perform at his level. A very different approach to athletes when training them or rehabbing their injuries. Our focus is placed on optimising the biomechanics of the athlete. Most specifically, we focus on and optimise the biomechanics of Triple Extension / Triple Flexion with regards to running, jumping, landing, and cutting. We believe any (large or small) deficiencies within these biomechanics, joint-by-joint, may result in inefficient athletic movement patterns and/or sports injuries.

Cupping therapy for athletes is an alternative medicine that utilises a manual suction device and cups to release restricted fascia from underlying muscle fibers and increase blood flow in areas that have had fascia restrictions develop from prolonged muscle tightness.

Athletes benefit greatly from sport and orthopedic cupping therapy, due to the ability to improve flexibility in a timelier manner than just rolling or stretching muscles. Cupping therapy paired with foam rolling and soft tissue massage results in substantial mobility and flexibility within one treatment session. Cupping is not always the best method to improve flexibility, but it is one of the many great methods to improve flexibility and release fascia. As a sports medicine professional, I like to have an entire toolbox of methods and tools that I can choose Health Avenue Cupping Therapy from to ensure I can provide the most efficient treatment for knee pain, shoulder pain and back pain.

A treatment chosen by celebrated athletes

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If you have any queries about sports-related cupping, get in touch!

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